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BASS - Bet And Stake Settler (v0.1)

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BASS is quite possibly the first Bet Settler written for WAP. So the next time you're tinkering with your mobile phone to pass an idle moment down the Bookies, you no longer need content yourself with reading how Mars is in the ascendant and all Taureans are out to get you. No, now you can calculate exactly how much you've won - or would have won if that last horse in the Lucky 15 hadn't had the brush with the open ditch...

If you have a WAP phone (or an emulator that handles WML Script) you can access BASS at

How to use BASS
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How to Use BASS

small bass The first screen is the main menu. There is some limited help available that explains the method of entering an Odds Line, but most people will choose to ignore Help and About sections and head straight for Settle a Bet.
small bass1a Choosing Settle a Bet brings you to (surprise!) the Bet Settler screen. Here - by moving between the three options - you can select the type of bet you want to settle, enter an Odds Line, and change the Unit Stake to any value. The default stake is £1 (100p) per unit.
small bass2 The following types of bet can be settled at present: Accumulators (with up to six winners), Trixies, Patents, Yankees and Lucky 15s. Check here for details of a version of BASS (written using Java Servlets) that can settle up to 31 individual bets. Not that the management really approve of such bets.
small bass3 The Odds Line is entered as shown. A 6/1 winner can be entered as 6 or 6*1. 15/8 is entered as 15*8, while 4/7 is 4*7. A + sign is used to separate winning bets. The example shows that our Yankee had three winners at 4/1, 5/2, and 7/4. The validity of the input is checked at this stage, so an input like '4+*5' will be rejected, as will an attempt to have six wins in a Patent. Obviously, only winning bets are entered - unless you want to know what might have been...
small bass4 We now have a bet to be settled. In this example, the stake is being left at the default, while the Bet Type and Odds Line are as we have selected. Though there's only three doubles and a treble to be calculated, I wouldn't be rushing to work it out on paper.
small bass5 And there's the result - a tidy profit.

No, it doesn't handle each way bets and would probably melt at the prospect of dealing with a dead heat or a Rule 4 deduction. So, just stick to backing clear winners and it'll serve you well.

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About Bass

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This Bet Settler for WAP phones was written by Tom Tierney, and may be used freely by all those who feel inclined to use it. From testing I believe that the results produced are accurate, but I would be happier if my name wasn't dragged into any disputes with your local Turf Accountant.

This software is written in WML and WML Script. It has been tested successfully using the Nokia and Ericsson Toolkits, and there are rumours that it may work on real WAP phones. Any confirmation or rebuttal of this would be welcomed.

I have written a second version of BASS - using Java Servlets to generate the WML and dispensing with WML Script altogether. I believe this works better (particularly in terms of error checking on the Odds Line), and it should also mean that the various 'wapilisers' won't complain when they encounter some WML Script. In addition it can deal with a far bigger selection of bets: singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators (up to 6 wins), singles and doubles, doubles and trebles, patents, trixies, yankees, lucky 15s, super yankees and lucky 31s. It was a worthwhile programming exercise, though finding somewhere to host it looks a rather expensive money-spending exercise. Still, it's written if anybody wants to see it.

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